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The Empire at War Hardpoint Duplicator

This tool can be used to quickly duplicate hardpoints for Empire at War


HardPoint code to be duplicated n times can be provided as seen in the screenshot. Numbering should be replaced by a pattern that will be replaced by the actual hardpoint number. (See the red rectangles in the screenshot.) If the hardpoint to duplicate is a turret, you can (but don’t have to) check the “Hardpoint is a turret” option and auto-create rotation arc variants. You will have to provide the hardpoint base name though. In this example the base name would be BMIC

The Hardpoint Duplicator Main Screen

The tool will output a plain text file with the created variants inside of your P:\ath\to\yvaw-hardpointduplicator.exe\.hp-dump\timestamp-hp-dump.txt Those variants can be copied to wherever you need them.


The software is provided under the MIT License. Refer to the LICENSE file for details.