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Direct Imports


function ScriptExit()

Sets a flag in C++ that terminates the script the function has been called from.

function Sleep(time)

Pauses the execution of a given script for a certain amount of time.

  • number time: The time to pause the script in seconds.

function BlockOnCommand(block, max_duration, alternate_break_func)

Blocks the execution until the execution of block has been finished or max_duration has expired. If alternate_break_func is provided, block will stopped being serviced, once alternate_break_func returns true.

  • function block: The function to service.
  • number max_duration: The time block is allowed to run for. Set to -1 to only use alternate_break_func to stop the execution of block.
  • function alternate_break_func [Optional]: If this function returns true, execution of block will stop. Required if max_duration is set to -1.

function BreakBlock()

Default function to call, if a block should be terminated.

function TestCommand(block)

Tests if a block is valid.

  • function block: The function to test.

function PumpEvents()

Services chained events.

function TestValid(wrapper)

Tests, if a provided GameObjectWrapper wrapper is a valid GameObject. This function should always be called when working with native functions on any GameObject.

function Clamp(value, min, max)

Clamps a given value.

  • number value: The value to clamp.
  • number min: The minimum value.
  • number max: The maximum value.

function Dirty_Floor(val)

A workaround to simulate a floor function by calling the default tostring(...) and converting back to a number.

  • number val: The value to floor.

function Simple_Mod(a,b)

A simple modulus function.

  • number a: Dividend.
  • number b: Divisor.

function Chance(seed, percent)

Returns if something happened, given a % chance.

  • number seed: Random seed.
  • number percent: The chance of the event to happen.
  • bool: true if the event should happen, false else.

function GetCurrentMinute()

Returns the current minute.

  • number: The current minute.

function GetAbilityChanceSeed()

Returns the current time in seconds.

  • number: The current time in seconds.

function GetChanceAllowed(difficulty)

Returns a chance based on difficulty.


The function does not work as indicated and always returns a chance of 100%.

  • string difficulty: The current difficulty.
  • number: The chance for an event based on difficulty. Currently returns 100.

function PlayerSpecificName(player_object, var_name)

Creates a player-specific name for a given variable.

  • PlayerObject player_object: The PlayerObject to create a specific variable name for.
  • string var_name: The base name of the variable.
  • string: The player-specific variable name.

function Flush_G()

Flushes _G.


If you have no idea what _G is in LUA don’t use this function.