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PGBaseDefinitions.lua is called by pretty much every script in the game and introduces a wide array of generic variables that are being used throughout the scripts.

Direct Imports

Indirect Dependencies

Defined Globals

These values are valid throughout every script. It is advised to not change them unless you know exactly what you are doing.

BAD_WEIGHT = -1000000000000000000.0
BIG_FLOAT = 1000000000000000000.0


function Common_Base_Definitions()

This function declares the variables that are commonly used throughout scripts and sometimes referenced in evaluations. Usually variables are either initialised with nil or as empty tables. Some of the values seem to be initialised from C++ so changing them is not advised.

  • ThreadValue.Reset()
    Resets any set thread values for the given thread.
  • GetEvent.Reset()
    Clears all events that might have fired for the given thread.
  • TimerTable = {}
    Creates the table used to register timer events.
  • DeathTable = {}
    Creates the table used to keep track of death events.
  • ProxTable = {}
    Creates the table used to keep track of proximity events.
  • AttackedTable = {}
    Creates the table used to keep track of attack events.
  • CurrentEvent = nil
    Reference to the currently fired event.
  • EventParams = nil
    Reference to the event’s parameters
  • block = nil
    Reference to the current function to block on.
  • break_block = false
    Reference to the function to evaluate for premature block breaks.
  • YieldCount = 0
    [UNKNOWN]: Presumably the amount of times the coroutine had to yield, but the purpose isn’t clear.
  • AITarget = nil
    The current AI target.
  • Object = nil
    Reference to the object the script is attached to.
  • Target = nil
    Reference to the current target is usually stored here.
  • FreeStore = nil
    Object free store. Generally used for AI.
  • PlayerObject = nil
    Reference to the current player object is usually stored here.
  • LastService = nil
    [UNKNOWN] Presumably the timestamp of the last service.
  • Budget = nil
    [UNKNOWN] Presumably the reference to the current AI budget.
  • enemy = nil
    Usually used to store the reference to the current enemy.
  • taskforce = nil
    The current task force.
  • tfObj = nil
    [UNKNOWN] Presumably the reference to the current taskforce object.
  • stage = nil
  • UnitType = nil
  • invade_status = nil
  • path = nil
  • InvasionActive = false
  • unit = nil
  • hide_target = nil
    Reference to a nearby Nebula/Ion Storm/Asteroid field.
  • healer = nil
    Reference to an object that can heal the unit.
  • xfire_pos = nil
  • kite_pos = nil
  • friendly = nil
    Reference to the friendly player.
  • block_table = {}
    The current block data is stored here.
  • lib_anti_idle_block = nil
    [UNKOWN] Presumably anti-idle actions for the AI are stored here.

function Base_Definitions()

The base constructor for every script object. It is called from C++ and subsequently calls Common_Base_Definitions() and Definitions() if present in the script object.

function Evaluator_Clean_Up()

Cleans out the Target and PlayerObject references. Subsequently calls Clean_Up() if present in the script object.

function UnitListIsObscured(unit_list)

Tests whether the the entire list of units is in a obscuring field, with obscuring fields being nebulae, asteroid fields and ion storms.

  • table unit_list: The list of ships to test.
  • bool: true if the entire unit list is concealed, false else.

function Cull_Unit_List(unit_list)

Removes all invalid references from a unit list and returns that list.

  • table unit_list: The list to clean.
  • table: The cleaned unit list.