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Direct Imports

Indirect Dependencies


function Base_Definitions()

This function is called once when the script is first created.
Defines the basic variables required for the state machine.

  • StateMachine = {}:
    Declares the State Machine’s base table.
  • StateMachineIndexes = {}:
    Declares the State Machine’s index holder table.
  • StateMachineIndexLookup = {}:
    Declares the State Machine’s lookup table.
  • OnEnter = 1:
    The OnEnter message that is received when an object enters a state.
  • OnUpdate = 2:
    The OnUpdate message that is received when an object is in a state.
  • OnExit = 3:
    The OnExit message an object receives when it leaves a state.
  • ServiceRate = 0.2:
    The service rate: 1.0 services once a second, 0.2 services five times a second.

function Define_State(state, function_value)

Defines a new state in the state machine table.

  • string state: This is the tag used to identify the state.
  • function function_value: The function that will process all messages associated with the given state

function Advance_State()

Advances to the next state, based on the order of state definition.

function Set_Next_State(state)

Sets the next state to transition to.

  • string state: This is the tag used to identify the next state.

function Get_Current_State()

Returns the current state.

  • string: The current state tag.

function Get_Next_State()

Returns the next state.

  • string: The next state tag.

function Process_States()

This function is called to advance the State Machine through its states.

Do not call manually.

function main()

This is the main thread function for this script.
Upon return from this function the script will finish and be destroyed by the system.